The Regal Hound Collar Sizing Guide

How to Measure Your Dog for a Regal Hound collarRegal Hound™ collars come in a variety of sizes and widths. To order a collar that will fit your pet, it is very important for you to accurately measure your dog.

You will need a soft measuring tape to obtain the most accurate dimensions of your dog's neck and head. Just follow the directions below:

  • Dimension A - Take your measuring tape and begin under the chin and around and in front of the ears. This measurement is the most important, especially if your dog is a non-sight-hound breed! The Martingale does not have a buckle, so it must fit over the widest section of the head! It is then tightened down by using the adjustable sliders.
  • Dimension B - Take a second, loose measurement around the narrowest section of the neck, right behind the ears.
  • Dimension C - Take a third and last measurement loosely around the neck at the point where you would prefer the collar to rest.

If your dog falls in between measurements, always order the next size up.

To select your dog's collar size, use the largest dimension of the three measurements. Using the table below, select the largest size that includes your dog's measurement to ensure a comfortable fit.

Martingale CollarsSnap-Release Buckle Collars
X-small Italian Greyhound 7-11" X-small Toys 7-11 inches
Small Whippets 10-15" Small Miniature Schnauzer 12-16 inches
Medium Most Greyhounds 13-18" Medium Beagles 13-20 inches
Large Boxer 15-20" Large Great Dane 18-26 inches
X-Large Labrador Retriever 17-23"    
XXL - Enclose measurements in the comments box during checkout    

For example, if your dog's measurements are:

Dimension A - 18 inches
Dimension B - 16 inches
Dimension C - 17 inches

You would select a Large martingale collar because it will easily slide over your pet's head and can then be tightened to fit his neck comfortably.

If your dog's measurements fall out of the above chart, please enclose the exact measurements during checkout and we will make sure the collar is a good fit.

Please take the time to measure your pet accurately, following the illustration above. The Regal Hound™ hand crafts each collar based on the size given to us by the customer. We cannot be held responsible if the size given is incorrect.

About Width

Width suggestion is given based on the size and length of your dog's neck. We might not always consider comfort first, and beauty second - but your pet's comfort should always be paramount. Dogs do not enjoy a beautiful collar if is feels like a turtleneck sweater and they do not have enough room to bend their heads.

I have a very large male Greyhound. Rebel likes his comfy 1.5-inch wide collar for around the house. He saves his 2-inch collars for special occasions or Meet and Greets.

Bonnie likes her 1-inch wide for lounging around the house. She is walked on lead with a 1.5-inch collar because she likes to pull and I feel this width gives her more comfort when she spots a squirrel and the collar tightens.

Ryan is a medium-size hound and has only one eye. The 1.5-inch Martingale is a great help in the house, when I need to grab the control loop before he has hit his head on a wall or door jam. Also, his depth perception is poor and the 1.5-inch collar is easy to spot in those circumstances.

These suggestions, of course, are only my opinion. Use your best judgment when choosing your collar width. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call me at 843-486-3859 or e-mail me.

Special width orders for toy or minature breeds (less than 1 inch) may be requested during checkout, or feel free to call me at 843-486-3859.

The Regal Hound™ hand-crafts each collar based on the size given by the customer. We cannot be held responsible if the size given is incorrect.